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PDG Coffee Jobs Exchange/Internship – Example Listing

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Wanted: Barista for Café in Bogotá, Colombia [EXCHANGE]

About Us

Hi! We’re a small and friendly café in the downtown area of Bogotá. We open seven days a week, 7 am to 9 pm, but baristas work no more than forty hours. We have six members of staff, all of whom get on on like family.

We serve espresso-based drinks, V60, Kalita, Chemex, and AeroPress, as well as juice, smoothies, tea, and food. Our customers are approximately a 40-60 mix of specialty lovers and commodity-drinking commuters.

We’re Looking For…

✓ Coffee Jobs Exchange

A fun barista who knows how to have a laugh – even when there’s a queue out the door. Someone who’s adaptable, and won’t get frustrated at cultural differences.

Sofia, the barista we’d like to send on this exchange, has 3 years’ experience and so we’re looking for a barista of an equivalent skill/experience level. We’d also like the following skills:

  • Ability to speak both English and Spanish (essential)
  • Good with social media (beneficial)
  • Ability to make basic brunches and lunch menus, such as sandwiches, eggs, etc. (essential)
  • Ability to make cupcakes and biscuits (beneficial)

We need a barista willing to:

  • Serve coffee to specialty and commodity-grade drinkers in both Spanish and English
  • Make smoothies, tea, food, etc.
  • Clean the shop, including the kitchen, toilets, and garden
  • Help monitor social media
  • Help organise events

We’re Offering…

  • 40 hours a week, with at least two days off a week
  • An exchange of 4-8 weeks
  • Accommodation above the café; you’ll have a private room with a shared bathroom in my flat
  • Breakfast and one meal per shift
  • We propose that you are paid as standard by your home café, and we will pay Sofia’s wages as normal, but tips are yours to keep (tips are kept in the tip jar and then divided by all members of staff at the end of the week)
  • Pick up from the airport or train station
  • A trip to our local roasters with us; if you stay for a longer period of time, you may also get to meet one or more of the producers we work with, depending on the time of year

Our Barista

Sofia is hard-working, cheerful, and truly passionate about coffee. She’s proficient on all the standard brewing devices and a whizz at latte art. She can also make smoothies, brunch, lunch, snacks, and cakes. She has three years’ experience.

Next Steps

Send us a message on, and we’ll chat. We’ll need a reference from your employer and to Skype both the visiting barista and the café owner (together or separately) before we agree to an exchange.

We will provide any necessary information, letters, or signatures for your visa, but we aren’t responsible for providing one for you. Similarly, Sofia will obtain her own visa but we expect your employer to provide any necessary documentation.


  • Bedroom

Example bedroom for PDG Coffee Jobs Exchange/Internship

  • Bathroom and toilet

Example photo of bathroom for PDG Coffee Jobs Exchange/Internship

  • All the staff

Six people smiling in a park

  • Café, angle 1:

Café Vespr

  • Café, angle 2:

Vespr Café

  • The street the café is on

Shopping street

Want to list a Coffee Job Exchange or Internship? Download the form here and email it to

Credit for picture “All the staff”: Say Cheeeeeese via Wikipeida