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Meet The Team

Henry W
Founder & CEO
Henry loves coffee. He spends his days brewing it and his nights dreaming of it. Having trained as a pro barista in Quito, Ecuador, he knows his beans. He’s an IR and poli-sci graduate from Durham University. Fluent in English, French, and Spanish, and having spent the last eight summers travelling, Henry is a nomad at heart – all he needs is his AeroPress and a backpack.

London, UK
Tanya N
Editorial Consultant
Tanya loves words and stories. When she's not studying Japanese, dancing salsa, or looking at weekend getaways, you'll find her curled up with either a book or a notepad – and, of course, a cup of coffee.

London, UK
Karla Ly Q
Karla is a high school History teacher with a passion for Latin American freedom fighters and coffees. If she's not in the classroom, you'll find her on a coffee farm with her students. Fluent in Spanish and English, she has traveled the world and knows what to expect when she orders her favorite drink, the cappuccino.

San Juan, Puerto Rico
Angie MO
A Colombian coffee lover and fluent French, English, and Spanish speaker, Angie has been traveling the world while finishing her studies in Business Administration. Her curiosity and dedication towards spreading the word of coffee in Colombia has also brought her to start her own business.

Bogotá, Colombia
Amec V
Amec is an amateur web developer/designer with a passion for people, stories, and coffee. When it comes to his own coffee, he’s a bit of a purist – but he'll defend your right to put all the whipped cream and sugar you want in yours. Fluent in English, Spanish, and Danish, he’s unable to function without his morning AeroPress.

Teguscigalpa, Honduras
Julio G
Julio's passion for coffee, social media, and agricultural engineering combines in his work at Perfect Daily Grind. He embraces the impact that the coffee industry can have all around the globe, knowing that a cup of coffee can provoke great changes.

San Salvador, El Salvador
Ana V
A Pyschopedagogist who currently works as a social media manager, Ana loves cooking, traveling, good music, and coffee – and that last one has become one of her biggest passions.

Guadalajara, Mexico
Santiago RM
Photographer/Digital Media
A photographer and visual storyteller, Santiago enjoys sharing the world through his eyes. He loves coffee and being Colombian he wants to help bring more awareness to specialty coffee in his native land. Santiago is currently also studying Graphic Design which he believes will make him a better communicator.

Medellín, Colombia
Daniel M
Strategy/Business Consultant

Miami, Florida