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Ultimate Coffee Holiday Wishlist – Level 3: BIG SPENDER


Here it is in all of its holiday glory—the final chapter in our coffee geek gift saga. And these are the big ones! Feel free to casually post this list on Facebook where that one rich family member who you don’t really know but always buys you expensive things can see… Or if you have a friend who has won the lottery, you can send it to them as well.  

1. Perfect Daily Grind Subscription

This is pretty much the best gift you could  ever get anyone. EVER. A subscription to Perfect Daily Grind is a priceless gesture that includes weekly access to the highest quality articles in the specialty coffee industry!

We’re joking—our subscriptions are free and all the cool kids already have one.

PDG banner

2. Slayer Espresso Machine: Single Group

Yeah, this one is no joke. In fact, I had to stop myself from making this article a long list of custom Slayer photographs. Slayer Espresso is a company most known for its innovative design of customizable espresso machines. I’m halfway convinced their R&D policy is “If you can think it, we can make it.”

Don’t be fooled, though, Slayer isn’t just another pretty toy— it’s a serious tool of the trade. Each espresso machine is handmade with the finest materials and uses their patented manual flow rate technology which includes a wetting stage unique to their machines.

If you’re looking to buy a gift for a coffee geek in your life, and can afford this—do it. And while you’re at it, get me one too! This machine is at the top of ANY coffee geek’s list. 

Slayer espresso machine

Slayer espresso machine

Slayer espresso machine

Credit: Slayer Espresso

3. Baratza Forte

When it comes to geekery, the Baratza Forte is high on the list. This grinder comes in two models: the AP (All Purpose) and the BG (Brew Grinder). The AP is best designed for in-home use where space is limited and an espresso machine is present in conjunction to manual brewing. The BG is designed specifically for manual brewing. It is small enough to fit in a kitchen and powerful enough to be used in coffee shops around the world. Its features include timed and weighted dosing, over 200 grind options, and an easy-to-use interface. Pretty amazing, right? It would be an easy favorite in any home or shop.

Baratza Forte


baratza grinder


4. Ratio Eight Brewer

The Ratio Eight is the solution to one of coffee’s biggest conundrums. You see, while being a coffee geek is fun, it can at times be exhausting. Like seriously exhausting. There are times when you just want to be able to press a button and have coffee “like everyone else does.” As in, like those people on TV who just have to press a button or two, walk away, and somehow coffee appears. But, as a coffee geek, the thought of using a “coffee maker” almost seems unforgivable. Enter the Ratio Eight. In short, it is THE coffee maker for coffee geeks. Press just one button and your coffee is bloomed, brewed, and ready for consumption.


If funds were unlimited, I would be drinking coffee from my ratio eight brewer as I type these words. But they’re not, so I will continue writing in the hope that someone out there gets to enjoy this amazing device.

ratio eight brewer


ratio eight brewer


ratio eight brewer

Credit: Ratio Coffee

5. VST Refractometer III Bundle

Yes, a refractometer: the device that also tests urine. Fear not, this one is special—it’s for coffee! So why would one need one for coffee? To make it better, duh. Jokes aside, this device can prove to be seriously useful for the, well, serious coffee geek. In fact, you could see this device as being the very definition of “coffee geek.” It tests something called “Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)”, which has a sweet spot as far as espresso and filter coffee is concerned.





6. Trip to Origin

There are few coffee things in life that are more fulfilling than a trip to origin. In fact, forget the coffee: there are very few things in life that are more fulfilling, period. Flying around the world, actually seeing a coffee farm in real life, talking with farmers and watching the way their end of the job is done—all this allows you to truly connect the whole coffee process. Our favorite drink can be appreciated on a much deeper level once a person is able to experience the origins of it all. Thankfully, the Specialty Coffee Association of America & Europe make this experience possible—and you don’t even have to be a member to attend!

Trip to coffee origin

Drying coffee cherries


7. Bonus Item: Comandante Hand Grinder

This hand grinder is truly one-of-a-kind and will potentially change the way those in the coffee geek world view not only hand-grinders but “grinding” in general. It’s not available for sale yet, but it will be. So just in case you wanted to follow up the perfect Christmas present with the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, we thought we’d help you out…

We hope you enjoyed our Ultimate Coffee Wishlist series. These are in no way exhaustive lists. Coffee gear is a glorious black hole of endless gear. We just wanted to throw some of our favorite ideas out there to make holiday shopping as easy, successful, and caffeinated as possible. If you have any more great gift ideas, feel free to comment below. Let’s share the wealth of knowledge, guys!

And of course, Happy Holidays from myself and the rest of the Perfect Daily Grind Team!

Written by N. Avila and edited by T. Newton.

Perfect Daily Grind.

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