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Free Public Cuppings


Public Cupping Sessions Worldwide

Love trying new coffees and spending time with other coffee geeks. Attend a FREE public/open cupping session in a city near you. For each cupping session, we have provided a link for direct contact with the venues.

Please note: before heading to a session, we advise you to confirm the event via contacting the location directly. All cuppings are 100% free unless otherwise stated.

Check the map below to find a cupping session near you.


Buenos Aires

All Saints Cafe – Friday weekly at 20:00



Veneziano Coffee Roasters – Friday weekly at 11:00


Seven Seeds – Friday & Saturday weekly at 09:00

Veneziano Coffee Roasters – Friday weekly at 11:00

Five Senses Coffee at Australian Barista Academy – Last Thursday monthly at 17:30

The Lucky Penny – First Tuesday monthly at 18:00


Five Senses Coffee at Australian Barista Academy – Last Thursday monthly at 17:30


Five Senses Coffee at Australian Barista Academy – Last Thursday monthly at 17:30


Double or Nothing – 4th Saturday monthly at 11:00



Kittel Coffee Roasters – First Friday monthly at 10:00



Cafes Belleville – Weekly on Saturday at 11:30 (€20 inc. bag of coffee)



Bonanza Coffee – Weekly on Saturday at 13:00.

Tres Cabezas – First Thursday of each month 15:00


Woyton Roast Inc – Every Friday at 19:00


Hoppenworth & Ploch – Weekly on Wednesday at 18:00


West Java

SFO Roastery – Coffee Lab – Weekly on Saturday at 11:00



Fuglen – Weely on Thursday at 11:00



Stooker – Weekly on Saturday at 12:30

CcBranderij – Every second Friday at 15:00



Kaffemisjonen – Weekly on Saturday at 12:00



Post Coffice – Weekly on Sunday at 10:00



Guido Coffee – Tuesday and Saturday weekly at 11:00


Jewel Coffee – Every third Saturday at 09:00

Common Man Coffee Roasters – Wednesday weekly at 14:00

Dutch Colony Co – Saturday weekly at 11:00

South Africa

Colombo Coffee – Friday weekly at 15:00 (booking required)

Benzin & Koffein Cafebar – Every last Saturday of month at 16:00


Asheville (NC)

Vortex Doughnuts  – Monday weekly at 11:00

Counter Culture Asheville – Friday weekly at 10:00

Atlanta (GA)

Counter Culture Alanta – Friday weekly at 10:00

Bay Area (CA)

Webster Street – Sunday weekly at 14:00

Heath Ceramics – Thursday weekly at 11:30

Boston (MA)

Counter Culture Boston – Friday weekly at 10:00

Charleston (SC)

Balzac Brothers Green Bean Importers – Daily at 11:00

Chicago (IL)

Counter Culture Chicago – Friday weekly at 10:00

Cleveland (OH)

Pour Cleveland – Saturday weekly at 12:00

Durham (NC)

Counter Culture Durham – Friday weekly at 10:00

Kansas City (MO)

Broadway Roasting – Friday weekly at 10:30

Jacksonville (TN)

Bold Bean Murray Hill Roastery – Saturday weekly at 11:00

Los Angeles (CA)

Bar 9 Coffee – Sunday weekly at 12:00

Menotti’s – Tuesday an Thursdays weekly at 16:00

Stumptown Coffee Santa Fe – Tuesday weekly at 13:00

New Brunswick (NJ)

Hidden Grounds – Every second Friday at 18:00

New York (NY)

Bluebottle Berry Street – Friday weekly at 12:00

Bluebottle Hell’s Kitchen – Wednesday weekly at 10:30

 Bluebottle Chelsea – Saturday weekly at 12:00

Counter Culture NYC – Friday weekly at 10:00

Parlor Cafe – Sunday weekly at 15:00

Toby’s Estate Brooklyn – Saturday weekly at 10:00 ($5)

Portland (OR)

Caravan– Friday weekly at 09:30.

Portland (PA)

Counter Culture Philadelphia – Friday weekly at 10:00

Sacramento (CA)

Insight Coffee – Friday weekly at 16:00

San Diego (CA)

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters – Friday weekly at 10:30

San Francisco (CA)

Bluebottle Heath Ceramics Cafe – Thursday weekly at 11:30

Santa Barbara (CA)

 The French Press & Castle Coffee Roasters Anacapa – Tuesday and Friday weekly at 12:30

 The French Press & Castle Coffee Roasters State St – Thursday and Saturday weekly at 12.30

Seattle (WA)

Victrola Coffee Roasters – Wednesday weekly at 11:00

Stumptown 12th Avenue – Daily at 15:00

Counter Culture Washington DC – Friday weekly at 10:00

St Louis (MO)

Kaldis Coffee Roasting Co -Friday weekly at 14:00


Curators Coffee – Sunday weekly at 12:00

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