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Kenya Specialty Coffee, Kii AA


A coffee factory in Embu. Washing the coffee.

A coffee factory (farm)  in Embu, Kenya. Washing the coffee.

Our last review  focused on the “people” behind the bean.  So this time, we took a fresh perspective and focused on Embu, (Kirinyaga), the region the small-scale farmers cultivate the coffee in. Kenya’s rich coffee-history, ignited by British colonialists, (who introduced coffee to the region in the 1900s), will be saved for another time.

Elephants heading towards the water

The famous route that connects Aberdare & Mt Kenya Forest.

It’s Natural….

The terms “natural” or “wild” are tossed around liberally these days. But what precisely is a natural landscape? To us, The “Kii Factory” farm epitomizes the term “natural“.  The fully-washed and patio-dried coffee is cultivated in the wildest, or most  natural of settings.

How? The 456 hectare farm sits at an altitude of 1900m, overlooking a famous elephant migration route.  Monkeys, antelopes and buffaloes graze on the farm’s grasslands (and occasionally snack on the juicy coffee cherries). The coffee even grows surrounded by brightly colored Grevillia plants on rusty-red volcano soil.

Kenyan coffee of Footprint handroasted coffee

So How Does It Taste?

We were seriously impressed with this coffee. In three words, it was “refreshing”, “sweet” and “juicy”. It’s zesty nature truly complimented a coarsely-grinded AeroPress. See the recipe at the bottom.

The Ki AA was deliciously “lively” with sugar-sweetened flavors of blackberry/blueberry, which offered a delicate and gentle acidity. It had a thin and clean mouth-feel which truly cleansed the pallet.

We were so confident with this juicy bean, that we shared it with “non-coffee drinkers”, who reported that “it didn’t taste like coffee”. Why? It wasn’t bitter but “fruity” and “really sweet”. And, as the coffee cooled, it became sweeter and sweeter.

For us, this is a real “lazy Sunday afternoon” coffee. Why? It’s light, refreshing and bright.

Male hand holding an aeropress

Fight the power.

How Did We Brew It?

What method? Inverted AeroPress (with paper filter)

How much? 17g  coffee, 250g water (30 secs off the boil)

Brew time? 2.30

Grind? Coarse (between filter and french press)

The Recipe

1. First a bloom, 50g water. Stir slightly to ensure all grounds are fully saturated.

2. At 0:30 – fill up AeroPress to top (circular/spiralling inwards) .

3.Wait until 2.30, then re-vert the AeroPress and “press”. 30 second slow & steady press.



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